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  • The Future of Design (and how to prepare for it)

    In trying to figure out what the future of design will look like, we’re at a bit of a loss. Technology is changing at a rapid pace. In five years, mobile platforms have gone from being an emerging part of a company’s strategy to the focal point of its future. So who’s to say…

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  • How to fix Design

    No one likes dealing with problems. They force us to take a detour away from what we really want to accomplish while we stop and untangle them. But here’s the thing about problems – they’re the genesis for good ideas. They provide the opening for solutions, which in turn give you a leg up…

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  • Cultivating and maintaining a fantastic Startup Culture

    Ask any successful startup founder about the key to success in the companies they’ve built, and they’ll almost tell you that it all comes down to creating a fantastic company culture. “Startup Culture” as a term is difficult to define and even harder to quantify. But still, I would define it as something that…

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  • 10 Mistakes Standing between You and Your Success

    We’d all love to be successful, wouldn’t we? Even with individual differences as to what success is, the road to victory is never an overnight affair, and it requires bucketfuls of sweat, resilience, and perseverance. Whether you’re looking to earn your first million, set up a company, or just lose weight, you should brace…

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  • Introducing Coursebirdie Radio

    We know that sometimes it’s better to listen to a conversation than read yet another interview style blog. And that’s exactly why we’re launching Coursebirdie Podcast, an audio channel that will make your long commute, more productive and fun. We’re starting it with a show called Startup Tuesdays, where Abhilasha, co-founder of Coursebirdie interview…

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  • 10 Awesome Picture Motivating Quotes to Get You Pumped

    If you stick with a goal for long and have that patience and motivation, you’ll almost achieve success. However, it’s not that easy to stay motivated day in and day out. That’s why we have compiled a list of some awesome motivational quotes that will help you keep going when things get tough or…

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  • Introducing Coursebirdie Talks

    The best part about working on a Product like Coursebirdie is that every day you get to meet all the best people from the design and tech community. The conversations we had with these people are really inspiring and we believe our community would benefit a lot if we can somehow share some of…

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  • Introducing Coursebirdie Job Board

    We’re in the business of teaching skills that improve people professional as well as personal lives. Today, we’re taking a step further with the launch of Board, a job-board by Coursebirdie where we curate jobs from some of the world’s most innovative and interesting startups. For startups, posting a job is super easy and…

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  • How to Appear Confident When You’re *So* Not Feeling It

    We all have days where we don’t want to interact with the outside world. These are the times when you just want to crawl into a hole and hide. The worst is when you’re actually expected to look confident, whether it be for a presentation at work, a long day at school or an…

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