10 Best HTML & CSS Code Editors

10 Best HTML & CSS Code Editors
Best HTML and CSS Code Editors

10 Best HTML & CSS Code Editors

Code Editors makes web designers and developers life so much easy. It not only makes them more efficient but help them save a lot of their time that they would have wasted managing long lines of codes. We have compiled a list of 10 Best HTML and CSS Code editors that will boost your productivity in no time. They are arranged in no particular order.

1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several programming languages. It is distributed as a free software and comes with many useful features that make working with large text files extremely easy.

2. Brackets

Brackets is also a free source code editor that was created by Adobe. Brackets is a lightweight, yet powerful, modern text editor.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a versatile editor for programmers, but you don’t need to be one in order to use it, or to configure it extensively—it’s an efficient tool out of the box. Sublime Text is proprietary software. Its functionality is extendable with plugins. Most of the extending packages have free-software licenses and are community-built and maintained.

4. Dabblet

Dabblet is an “interactive playground” for trying out snippets of CSS and HTML code. The most useful feature though is that Dabblet can save all of your work as GitHub gists. Not only those that making sharing your work with others easier it also ensure that even if Dabblet doesn’t last forever you’ll still have your data on GitHub.

5. Thimble, by Mozilla

Thimble, by Mozilla lets you write and edit HTML right in your browser, preview and correct your work, and then publish and share fully functional web pages with a single click.

6. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is a code editor in a browser with an integrated FTP client, and all popular web formats are supported (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML).

7. jsFiddle

jsFiddle provides a custom environment (based on user selections) to test (or fiddle with) your JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code right inside your browser.

8. Koding

Koding (previously known as “Kodingen”) is an online development environment that allows software developers to program and collaborate online in a web browser without the needs of downloading the software development kits. The platform supports multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, Perl, Node.js, Ruby, C, C++, PHP, and Go.

9. Cloud9

Powerful and flexible cloud IDE for to write, run, and debug your code. Collaborate on your workspaces publicly, or keep them private.

10. CodeMirror

CodeMirror is a JavaScript component that provides a code editor in the browser. When a mode is available for the language you are coding in, it will color your code, and optionally help with indentation.

Which tools and sites do you use for code editing?

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