10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

2016 is here and if you are the one who abandoned your resolution to learn a new programming language in 2015, here are few reasons to accomplish it this year and improve your professional skills.

Programming is the new language of the world. It’s also one of the fastest growing occupations in the world. Even if you don’t want to be a full-time coder, knowledge of programming would improve your problem-solving skills. You will be able to successfully communicate in the tech environment. No matter what industry you work in, basic knowledge of code would give you a leg up.

Between 2012 and 2022, programming jobs are expected to increase to 22% higher than other occupations.

So, what language(s) should you learn?

Below are the languages that would help you build amazing web and mobile applications, and if you’re looking for a career in the technology industry? Then these languages will give just the right start to your career.

PS – None of the language takes more than 8 weeks to complete, so be ready to add new skills before the end of 2016!

PPS – To grasp it fast, get familiar with the basic concepts of the language, and take up a small project as an exercise.


Developed in 1970’s and one of the oldest languages, C has a huge influence on other languages like Python, Java and C++. Besides being a popular and powerful language in itself, learning C also make it easier to learn many other languages.


C is usually used for “close to the machine” software like operating systems, whereas C++ is usually used for higher level applications like accounting software or video game engines. For big software projects such as web browsers, computer graphics drivers and financial trading algorithms, C++ is often the first choice.

Some most popular video games written is C++ are: Call of Duty, Halo, and Fifa. Also big budget computer animation studios such as Pixar, Disney and DreamWorks use C++ in some capacity in their animation software.


Java is one of most popular programming language and is in existence since 1990’s. Dynamic websites, android development, desktop applications and a lot more is written in Java. Some most popular games like Angry Birds, Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga are written in Java as well.


If you are looking yourself in front-end development or web designing, then Javascript is something you need to learn. Originally called ECMAScript, Javascript was named after Java, because of Java’s popularity at the time. Though there’s nothing common, apart from the name.

Javascript makes your site interesting with animations like hover effects, drop down menus and have a better control over the web interface.


Interested to do cool stuff like scientific computing, web development and 3D rendering. Python is the one you should go for. Developed in 1990’s, Python is easy to learn general purpose language used in various situation. YouTube, Dropbox, Quora, Google, and Reddit are some known examples, where Python is used.


If you are interested in building web applications in short time, PHP is the best language to learn. It is one of the most popular languages, used on over two hundred million websites. Yahoo and WordPress are some popular examples where PHP is used.


Ruby is a powerful and easy to learn language and very similar to Python. But unlike Python, Ruby was not very popular until its Rails framework was developed. AirBnB, Dribbble, GitHub, Groupon Square, Shopify, and Zendesk are built using Ruby.


SQL is essential if you are interested in manage databases. It comes in different dialects such as MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL and are used to organise data in hospitals, businesses, banks and more.

SQL programmers are generally called Database Administrators. Almost every business could get benefit from it to organise their user’s records, which signify plenty of job positions for SQL programmers.


C# (pronounced as see sharp) is a powerful language developed to improve productivity and build secure and robust applications. This Microsoft language is a hybrid of C and C++.


Big Data is the newest technology, that everyone is talking about. In past two years alone, 90% of data has been generated. R is a statistical computing language used for analyzing and visualizing big data. The growing demand of Big data in every industry has created the hike in demand for R professionals.

BONUS) Swift

If you’re interested in building applications for iOS, OS X, tvOS, and watchOS, then this is the latest and powerful language to go for. In simple words, the apps used in apple products could be build in Swift. In this short time, Swift has become quite popular, and it is likely to remain for many more years.

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