5 Tips to Write Better Newsletters

5 Tips to Write Better Newsletters
Write Better Newsletters

The questions come up all the time from our students, most recently in digital marketing workshop session.

How do I write better newsletter for my business

Therefore, I decided to post a blog that most likely would make your newsletter more interesting. To those of you, who don’t use newsletter for their business.

Use it.

It’s very important and practically doesn’t cost you a penny. Okay, here are a few points below that one should consider before writing a newsletter:

Purpose. The first thing to consider is the purpose of your newsletter? If it’s clear, for example, to inform them about your future events or about your new product. Then the question comes what they want?

Content for audience benefit. As we are writing to grab the customer attention, so it should be of their interest. Make sure content in a newsletter benefit or provide a great deal of information to your customer. Think what is important for them? It should not include any past events or irrelevant information because sending irrelevant info can hurt you back.

Business Information. You will surely want to introduce yourself, your different channels where they can catch you, share the experience with you and interact with other people with similar interest. It is important to be particular and use a call to action button to direct them because your customers don’t have time to read your story. It means include essential and unavoidable matter in your path.

Keep it concise (to the point). No one has time to read your story, research has shown that a newsletter has 51 seconds to attract the customer, so concise and clear thoughts will be helpful. Try to use bullet points, links and tabs to direct the potential customer.

Eye Catching (Visually appealing). Think how you want the story to be illustrated? Use type of content can be grasped quickly, whatever the course of action to highlight that. It helps you to take customer attention on the content they like to see and your links, and tabs lead them to their destined page. (Content should be written in a professional manner)  Use compelling content for preview panes, so your customers can scroll down to check what you’ve got.

These days newsletters are important to increase your sales and revenue, so one should be particular, give time to your newsletters and offer your customer something to share. A very simple way is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes who gets n number of newsletters every day. What will you do? What you choose to read and why?

Clean, simple and effective is the key.

If you have any other point to share. I am eager to hear back.

Signing off for now…

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