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  • Introducing Coursebirdie Classes

    After a ton of very hard work and lots of debates and decisions, we’re excited to announce the availability of Coursebirdie classes that anyone, anywhere can take for free. These classes favour practice over theory.

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  • 10 Great Productivity Apps

    10 Great Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs are always on the go. There is so much to do with so little time to accomplish it that things can get a bit overwhelming. They are always looking for tools that can help them stay productive and save valuable time during the workday.

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  • Y Combinator Startup Accelerator

    8 Startup Accelerators To Get You Through The First Phase

    Are you starting a startup? And want it to be a winner? Then get into an accelerator. Startup Accelerators help speed up the growth and success of startups by providing them with seed funding, mentoring, training and connections.

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  • 30 People Every Entrepreneur Should Follow on Twitter

    Hey Entrepreneur! Just started a new startup or looking to grow your existing one. Well, there are times when you need a solid mentor and sound advice. As a startup founder, you can benefit immensely from the experience of those who have already been down that road.

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  • Paul-Graham-Thought-Leader

    10 Thought Leaders You Absolutely Must Follow

    Run out of ideas? No worries. We have compiled a list of business thought leaders whose ideas have gone viral. Just in case it sounds like a buzzword. “Thought leader” is a term that was first coined nearly 20 years ago in the pages of Strategy+Business, the business magazine of technology consulting firm Booz &…

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  • 10 CEOs You Should Follow on Twitter

    10 CEOs You Should Be Following on Twitter

    You’re on Twitter. Cool. You come across new CEOs, big wigs, and entrepreneurs every day and wonder whose accounts you should be following and whose are not worth your time.

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  • 10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

    While there are hundreds of great books for entrepreneurs out there, we asked around friends and scoured the Web, collecting 10 books that would help you learn everything you need to know about starting a business.

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  • TED Talks

    Our favourite TED-talks

    Are you a fan of TED Talks? We love TED talks and that’s why we are sharing our 10 favourite TED-talks. Watch them, you’ll learn and laugh. Have a look through the gallery.

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  • Prof Adam J Bock

    Welcome Adam J. Bock to Coursebirdie

    Today, we’re thrilled to announce an amazing addition to our board of advisors. We’re proud to welcome Adam J. Bock! Adam J. Bock is Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at The University of Edinburgh Business School.

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