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  • Write Better Newsletters

    5 Tips to Write Better Newsletters

    The questions come up all the time from our students, most recently in digital marketing workshop session. “How do I write better newsletter for my business“ Therefore, I decided to post a blog that most likely would make your newsletter more interesting. To those of you, who don’t use newsletter for their business. Use it....

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  • Coursebirdie is Hiring

    Hey everyone! Coursebirdie is hiring interns. We’ve got summer internships available in engineering, marketing and design for university students. We’re paying cash stipend, travel allowance, a nice office, free gym membership and a bunch of other great benefits. In addition, we’re searching for a full-time junior software engineer and social media analyst to join...

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  • Welcome to Coursebirdie

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to Coursebirdie Blog. To say a bit about us… Coursebirdie was born in Scotland, raised in India, and now we’re spreading our wings. We set out with the vision to provide relevant, project-based education that can better connect student learning outcomes with the market demand. We’ve come to New Delhi, humbly, to...

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